Membership Requirements

Responsibilities of membership include participation in volunteer service projects, attendance at meetings and fundraisers, and the payment of dues.


It’s Easy to Get Involved

The League experience begins with the Provisional Member Program. It includes opportunities designed to better acquaint interested women with both the Junior League of Cleveland (JLC) and the city of Cleveland.

Please join us at an upcoming information session to learn more about the JLC, meet current and prospective members, discuss our Provisional Member Program, and discover how you can get involved in giving back to our community as a trained civic leader!

For more information on how to apply to be in the Provisional Member Class of 2023-2024 click here or contact us at [email protected] 



After completion of the Provisional Member year, volunteers transition to Active status and participate in League work through an individualized placement progress.  Actives, 75% of whom work outside of the home full- or part-time, dedicate approximately 2 hours a week to their chosen placement. All members have the opportunity to attend General Membership Meetings, educational offerings, and fundraisers. Guest speakers from the community regularly participate at General Membership Meetings and bring the League in direct contact with some of the outstanding program directors of various local non-profits.

Sustainers are League members who have served over three to seven years as volunteers with the League and choose to no longer make a specific commitment to a community project, but rather choose their own level of involvement in League functions and projects.

The JLC maintains a website and regularly connects with members through a mix of digital and traditional communications updates. Plus, we have a semi-monthly newsletter to keep the League members informed on all up-to-the-minute happenings around the JLC.


Non-Members are Welcomed, too

Non-members are welcome to participate and support the JLC and its activities. It’s easy to get involved. Here are some ways both non-members and members can be involved:

  • Participate in a JLC project
  • Contribute to a fundraiser as a donor, sponsor, or guest. For more information regarding upcoming fundraising partnerships, please contact [email protected].

For more information or to join the Junior League of Cleveland, please contact us.